Tap into a huge range of services on offer


Whatever your vertical, vehicle or target market, Mobile Devices offers a solution to suit your needs. We have the hardware solution, the server solution and part of the application portfolio ready to integrate in-house, but our strength is in our vast network of content and solution providers in the many telematics fields.

Today, either directly or through partners, we can offer readymade services in the consumer, fleet and monitoring fields. Pick a mix from the examples below and contact us!

Most of the services below are available through partnership with a third party content provider.
They are, however, never exclusive to a specific publisher. If you provide content suitable for the telematics market in any of the services described below (or others), please contact us to join the Telematics MarketPlace.

Consumer services

(Services in blue can be offered directly by Mobile Devices)


Core to every service we provide. Navigation can use on- or off- board routing, include national or regional maps, and be set for different vehicle types. The Morpheus3 OS and SDK is navigation software agnostic whilst enabling complete interaction and integration between the navigation and other services installed on the device.

Car pooling:
Encourage drivers to fill those empty seats by providing them with rewarding, safe and live information on car-sharing opportunities. The solution can be set for recurring short journeys or long-range one-off trips. Check-in, check-out and billing all included!

Eco-driving application:
Help drivers to save on fuel bills by providing live feedback on their fuel consumption as well as best practice tips to keep fuel consumption to a minimum.

Fuel prices:
Inform drivers of open gas stations whilst giving them the opportunity to compare prices. Suitable for private and commercial vehicles.

Local events:
Tell your customers what is happening where they are! The service can support a range of content providers and event types aimed at different demographics.

Deliver live information about where to park and how much it will cost.

POI search:
On- and off-board Points of Interest can be searched. These include entertainment venues, useful places and even people with our White Pages search.

Radar alerts:
Made popular by the Coyote service in France, speed-trap alerts are now available everywhere. Deliver the best community-based connected service wherever your customer is.

MyLive Traffic is content provider agnostic. It gives drivers the option of on- or off-board route calculation as well live and historical traffic information and weather. MyLive Traffic sends a personal alert if an incident takes place on the driver’s route. Read more …

Night View:
Provided by Mobile Devices, the NightView function switches automatically depending on the time of day to allow for better luminosity, contrast and focus when driving at night.

Lane Assist:
Developed in-house, this function enables the setting of automatic lane assistance information on approaching difficult junctions. Major directional signboards are also relayed for headings, junctions and roundabouts.

Third party weather data can be included in your service pack for the consumer market. Weather data can also be integrated in other functions for specific services.

Driver and vehicle monitoring

(Services in blue can be offered directly by Mobile Devices)

Crash detection

Driver behaviour profiling

Fuel consumption monitoring

Harsh braking detection

Remote diagnostics

Stolen vehicle recovery

Usage-based insurance



This group of applications run from a ‘black box’ or a self-installed Dongle.
As the demand for driver vetting and usage-based insurance increases, Mobile Devices offers a wide selection of hardware and service platform options as well as a portfolio of integrators and service providers with whom to build the solution.

Professional services

(Services in blue can be offered directly by Mobile Devices)

Fleet Management:
Mobile Devices provides a range of hardware solutions for the professional fleet market. Again, our strength lies in the number of successful deployments of various types of services and our rapidly growing pool of developers accredited to work on Morpheus3 SDK.

Below are some of the key applications, but each solution is tailor-made to the fleet’s specific needs.



Know the status and location of your people and assets
Tyre Pressure
Set up a virtual border, outside which the vehicle will send an alert
Black Ice Sensor
Local search:
Enable your staff to quickly find businesses, partners or customers
Sensor Box
Have direct access to your driver in writing
Panic Button
Task management:
Enable your driver to visualise his task list
Fuel Consumption Monitoring
Speed alerts:
Help the driver to know what the speed limit is at all times
Driver ID
Signature recognition:
As part of the core offering of Morpheus3- equip your service with proof of delivery control
Temperature control:
Address the main concern of refrigerated fleets and set up temperature-based alerts
Enable tacho reading and data exporting to facilitate and automate regulatory procedures

Vertical specific

All the services are custom-made or profiled for each vertical market in which they are implemented. Vertical markets and services include:

Trailer Security
Trailer Security
Waste Collection
Waste Collection


Mobile Devices provides a number of unique features in terms of the way content and services are distributed, laid out, accessed or sent. These include:

Screenshare: the ability to see and interact with two applications simultaneously on the PND screen
Application switch: the ability to set shortcuts to useful services accessible straight from the nav screen
Signature recognition: the function to deal with signatures can be integrated into anything you build using the Morpheus3 SDK