3 beautifully crafted applications to keep drivers and fleet managers
on message, in contact and in action

3 pre-installed Apps

Building a telematics offering with Mobile Devices environment is really easy. Now on top of a programmable device connected to a cloud server with all the communication protocols already set for you, you can also benefit from fantastic pre-installed and optional services.

Message app logo

Message: Smartphone looks and functions

Benefit from a completely redesigned interface to send SMS messages simply and quickly
Send new messages from the contact centre and create contacts from new messages

Straight to Server text messages

With MessageGate you can set up text alerts to be sent automatically from the device to any SMS server. Whether it is for eCall or Idle report, you can configure the Messages app to do the work for you.

MessageGate is the fleet manager’s direct line of communication with each device and drivers. You can set up different channels to handle communication, alerts or automatics status notificationsÂ…all of it going through our communication protocol and CloudConnect.

Integrated Messages

Like all services on the Morpheus platform, communication between the apps comes as default, so send a message from the contact centre, the task manager, or any other services you built into the device.

MessagesÂ… Bottled

Pre-set “Canned” messages can be used by the drivers and fleet managers for efficient and safe communication. Canned messages template is editable through the SDK and each message can be amended by the driver if needed.

Email option

Our communication platform is email-ready, we can also implement device to device communication. Tell us about your requirements!

Contacts at the ready!

Organise your contacts:

search, add, delete and merge

Send to Contacts:

Send an SMS to another driver or the fleet manager directly from Contacts

Pull and push contact info:

SMS direct from Contact, see contacts on map, navigate to contact, add contacts from third party applicationsÂ…

Show Contacts

and Messages at the same time using ScreenShare

Export and Import from anywhere:

Outlook, iPhone or any other, as long as you can export your contact as standard Vcards, you can import them into Contacts

Fuzzy Search

Helps you find your contact fast in just a few clicks by showing you the top 3 options as soon as you start typing

Task Management logo

Task: Integrated Job management

Task Management screenshot

Task History:

Check every old task and there steps to verify status and other details

Live Task:

Choose, open, follow a task and validate each steps. The driver status is updated automatically when a task is started/ finished

Review and plan the next task

Independently from the active task, the driver can browse other task and review past task and each of the steps
When a step is started, other tasks are visible but cannot be started

For the Fleet Manager: get full visibility of all the active tasks in your fleet as well as the live status of each of the steps

3 levels of information:

Task / Steps in order/ Status and details per steps.

  • Each steps can be navigated to or include a signature capture in one click
  • Easy interface with colour code to identify the job status
  • Status options include: on pause, on site, on the way, success or pending
  • When a step is started, other tasks are visible but cannot be started
  • When the step is finished the driver can choose to report on it (success/ Fail/ Detailed report) and then start the next step
  • End of steps and task are automatically fed back to the fleet manager
  • Export task and steps history