MyLive Traffic

MyLive Traffic enables live, personal, traffic-avoiding routing on a connected PND

MyLive Traffic delivers personal and real-time traffic information

  • Routes are calculated off-board using live and historical data feeds from NAVTEQ.
  • MyLive Traffic pushes alerts to the driver if an incident takes place on his particular route.
  • MyLive Traffic then estimates a new ETA and suggests an alternative route.

The advantages for the user will be immediately measurable and unlike any PNDs with RDS-TMC today :

  • The initial route given to the driver is optimised as it takes into consideration traffic information as well as incidents, weather conditions and many other types of data.
  • Unlike live-only traffic information services that require the driver to choose rerouting every five minutes, MyLive Traffic optimises the route from the start by using traffic predictions to calculate the entire journey.
  • Consequently, re-routing alerts are rare and, when they come, they are timely, relevant and specific to the driver’s route.