Case Studies

mobileObjects’ new range of devices

MobileObjects range got one step smarter recently as they included the C4evo

Dubai Technology leads the way for chauffeur driven fleets in UAE and India

Dubai Technologies is a prime example of what can be done with the range of Dreevo devices and its SDK. They used to work on CE and would have expected 3-5 months development time for every projects...

Weather Telematics transforms truck fleets into national sentinels

Weather Telematics has now equipped 1,500 trucks with weather sensors and telematics black boxes from Mobile Devices. These trucks have now collected more than 27 billion weather data points over fifteen million miles and generated unparalleled...

Paprec optimizes its recycling collection and fleet management

Paprec Group initially specialized in paper recycling and extended its services in 1995 to diversify the company’s product offering. Now they provide a range of comprehensive services for the recycling industry.