Cloud Connect

Send Telematics Data to the Cloud and rip the benefits!

  • Go to market Faster
  • Keep your solution flexible
  • Save cost and development time
  • Re-Focus your dev time on your
    business’ added value
  • Access the Telematics Marketplace

There has never been a better time to switch to CloudConnect

  • Today, sending data to and from the devices provides no commercial value to your customers and remains a major headache for your developers.
  • Switching to CloudConnect means outsourcing the generic part of your Fleet management server. The one that deals with the Communication to/from the devices, pushes data real-time from and to the backend application and maybe stores data when needed.
  • CloudConnect has been designed to handle the non-commercially sensitive part of your Fleet management server.
  • With CloudConnect you get a wireless telematics protocol, a cloud-based communication server, an API library for web services and your proxy and agents (on demand)
  • Now you can deploy your solution or service extremely rapidly and at the same time put yourself at the core of an invaluable ecosystem of service and application providers working on the same open platform. Lets have a look at how CloudConnect helps you achieve that

How CloudConnect’s benefits my bottom line?

Uniques features and complete control

  • Never integrate another communication protocol – ever!
  • Get a high performance protocol guaranteed for all apps today and in the future
  • Benefit from the best available data compression technology
  • Enjoy OTA updating of the OS, the applications +some HW modules
  • Stay in control with in-depth remote administration & device management
  • Fit to scale immediately according to your clients operations and services

Now you have the ability to manage increasingly complex off-board and hybrid services between the driver and the fleet manager.


Now you have the ability to
shop around for services that
suit your customers need and
integrate them in no time

Connect to the cloud and join the Morpheus Community

  • Access an ecosystem of 3rd party service providers working on Morpheus3
  • Port apps on your devices with zero integration time
  • Use over 3000 dedicated APIs that makes developing your own applications trivial

How does it work?

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Mode Infrastructure Type Main Protocol Key Feature Example
Forward Web Hook HTTP Simplicity Local search, Weather
Pull Web Services REST Feature Rich, Data Analysis Tracking, bulk data Warehousing
Push Web Services XMPP RealTime Instant Status Update, Floating car data or tracking

CloudConnect enables the exchange of information between devices on the road and service providers in a variety of ways along 3 major modes:

Forward Mode: CloudConnect directly forwards requests from the device to the integrator’s servers, and then forwards the integrator’s answer back to the device
Pull Mode: Allows you to send, retrieve and filter data as well as configure CloudConnect behaviour and administer your device fleet
Push Mode: Provides the same features as Pull, but adds instant delivery of the requested data (instead of having to repeatedly ask the server)

Key Services & Solution providers that are relying on CloudConnect today

  • Consumer-grade Connected Navigation product retailed nationally
    with service portfolio and application store
  • Insurance Telematics Service Provider
    (crash detection, claim management)
  • Major automotive OEM for its 2012 connected car services
  • Fleet Management System Providers

In total more than 75K devices are today managed through CloudConnect

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Benefits of MDi21 Wireless Telematics Protocol

CloudConnect includes our communication protocol which filters and compresses the data flow to your device.
Our communication protocol is able to efficiently manage the data from and to the device, irrespective of the number of embedded applications.

Multiple Channels, 1 unique access point

The result is an ultra intelligent datapipe that allows you to benefit from a large pool of services without sending your communications costs through the roof.

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