C4 Max
The ultimate telematics gateway
C4 Max
  • Wide array of interfaces to perform in complex projects
  • Internal antennae for easy install
  • Wireless connection to peripherals via Bluetooth
  • Fully programmable with powerful SDK
  • Full engine control module (ECM) capabilities
  • Runs on Morpheus 3 OS

All-round Game Changer for Heavy Duty Telematics

Loaded with telematics features

Agile and compact, the new C4 Max is equipped with 3/2 Digital I/O, 2 analogue inputs, 2 RS 232, RS 485, CAN interfaces (J1708/1939) Accelerometer and Gyro.

Already chosen by the leaders in the market, the C4 Max is built to fulfil the most stringent requirements in the truck and bus markets at very competitive prices. It is Certified J1455 for heavy duty labour in harsh environments and comes with an optional waterproof cover for IP54 protection.

C4 Max with external antenna

C4 Max with external antenna

C4 Max with IP54 Shell

Provide consumer grade access to professional services

Thanks to its wide variety of connectivity options and interfaces, the C4 Max is the perfect platform for complex, vertical-specific projects that require integration with several 3rd party devices such as smartphones, tablets, taxi meters, ticket machines, barcode scanners or Driver ID.

With the C4 Max, there is no limit to what your project can achieve.


Full Technical Specifications

Download the datasheet

Processor ARM 11 – 664 MHz
RAM Ram 64/128 Mbytes (128 for WiFi Hotspot option)
NAND Flash Flash 256 MBytes
Modem 3G, 4G(LTE) or 2G only Quad-band
CDMA on demand
GSM Antenna External (internal on option)
GPS Receiver Sirf Atlas V (A-GPS on option)
GPS Antenna External (internal on option)
Interface & Telematics Features
3D Accelerometer ±2g; ±4g; ±8g
3 axis Gyroscope On option
Digital Inputs 3 (Ignition, alarm and 1 input active low)
Digital outputs 2 (Relay control & immobilizer on option)
Analog inputs 2
Mini USB 2.0 USB OTG with power output (5 V @ 100 mA)
Mini-USB type B
1 wire 1
LEDs 1 bicolor LED
Product Specific Features
CAN Bus CAN ISO 15765/15765-2
RS232 2 (on option: 1 with RTS/CTS)
Bluetooth 2.1 BT 2.1 EDR + 4 LE (on option)
J1708 If used, RS485 and RS422 are not available. J1708 is compatible with CAN option.
Half duplex RS485/RS422 (on option) If used, J1708 is not available. RS485 and RS422 are compatible with CAN option.
Cable Specific Features
RS232 on option with IBD Cable
Power Supply
External power supply 8- 32V Yes
External Voltage Measurement Yes, with wake up functionality
Li-ion battery & charger 900mAh
Connectors microFIT 20 pins
Operating Temperature -30/+78°C without internal battery
Dimensions (mm) 88 x 65 x 18 (small casing)
98 x 65x 18 (large casing)
How does it help? (illustration)
Program the device to run on-board algorithms.
Firmware update via GPRS from SSH server
Data communication by SMS/USSD/GPRS (TCP/UDP)
AES-128 data encryption
GPS signal reception timeout detect & report. Configurable real time tracking and logging by time, distance, ignition status, vehicle speed & heading changes. 64 user dened Geofence in circular, rectangular, and polygonal shapes.
Essential for driver scoring services as well as vehicle monitoring
±250°/s, ±500°/s, ±1000°/s, ±2000°/s
Immobilise the vehicle using a relay to inhibit the battery
Monitor door opening or plug a personal alarm button
Add an extra serial port or plug a smart display.
Powered (5V out, 500mA max.)
Monitor hydrometry or temperature,
or plug an ibutton (Dallas key)
Access to engine revs, vehicle speed, diagnostic data …
The iOBD cable use 1 serial port.
The supply voltage is reduced to 8 – 18V.
The iOBD option supports the following OBD2 protocoles: – SAE J1850 PWM – SAE J1850 VPW – ISO 9141-2 – ISO 14230 KWP2000 – ISO 15765 CAN
With iOBD + Smartbox solutions you can choose between power from the vehicle through OBD or independant power source
C4 Max with size
Services and Markets

The C4 Max: a solution for requirements ranging from standard fleet managent to complex driver behavour monitoring

Here is a list of examples of services and markets the C4 Max is particularly well suited for:

Crash Detection

Driver Rating

Usage Based Insurance
fuel consumption
Fuel Consumption




Waste collection





Morpheus Open Telematics Platform

Open framework gives you complete access.
Deliver tailored solution and rapid time to market.

The C4 MAX runs Morpheus3 OS, so you can directly access parameters such as accelerometer or GPS. The device also comes without pre-embedded application and is entirely programmable using Morpheus3 SDK and its 3000 APIs !

The C4 Max runs on
the only Open Telematics
Operating System :
Morpheus3 OS.
Tune the C4 MAX
directly using 3000+ APIs
on Morpheus3 SDK.
Connect your service,
database or proxy on a
scalable server with
Access a catalogue of
services for the C4 MAX with our Application MarketPlace.
Morpheus Open Telematics Platform
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