• Innovative, elegant, versatile
  • Compact design, multifunction
  • Consumer grade application set
  • Driver focused HMI
  • Open and adaptable with Morpheus3
  • Available with SIM card

A multitude of opportunities from a unique design

  Why a driver assistant now?

Telematics Tablet

Since mobile phones have taken a large share of the routing market for short and infrequent rides, the PND market has been stagnating. Today’s heavy vehicle drivers and professional drivers, including taxis, are unable to find new and inspiring devices that fit their needs.

Munic fills the huge gap in creativity and innovation left by the lack of new PNDs, new hands-free devices and the shortage of in-car app stores in today’s car market.

Munic presents a uniquely successful and efficient integration of 4 core functions: Hands-free Kit for phone and Music via BT, Radar alerts in markets where this is available, a rich and expanding Marketplace of driver focused services, and a Hybrid Navigation service with live traffic updates tailored to your journey.

Telematics Tablet

Munic goes further

It redefines what multitasking means in a vehicle device. Munic’s creative team was able to develop a very accomplished
User Interface, 100% redesigned with the driver in mind.

So, all the services are linked with each other to minimize the number of interactions.
For example, a search result on a 3rd party app becomes a destination in one click.

Ongoing tests with a panel of drivers and the initial feedback from the specialized distributors confirm that this product is a winner. They like it because it is unique, innovating and beautifully designed.

A real Appstore platform for the vehicle market

With Munic, you finally see a marketplace of services specifically designed for the driver in a compact connected driver assistant. Today the French version of Munic includes, by default, Weather, Parking, Fuel prices, Local search and personal directory. But with Morpheus architecture, adding a new content provider is easy and very fast.

Telematics Tablet Smart Cradle
Telematics Tablet  

Instantly adaptable multipurpose white label device

Munic epitomizes Mobile Devices’ innovation. The device is unmatched in its ability to transform rapidly into the driver assistant you need for your market. Here are a few of the features that make Munic a potential leader where you are:

  • Hybrid Navigation can run on any base map.
  • Full Hands-free Kit is embedded for voice and music via Bluetooth.
  • 4 languages are supported today for announcements or fuzzy search, many more are coming.
  • 3rd party driver services benefit hugely from the Morpheus open application platform and its SDK, making creating a new app for Munic simple and quick.
  • And with its 5 physical programmable buttons, you can immediately re-target the device along the service to prioritise in your market.

Full Technical Specifications

Processor ARM 11 – 664 MHz
RAM 128 MBytes
NAND Flash 4 GBytes
Display technology 3.5” TFT with HVGA 480 x 320
Modem Quad-band GSM/GPRS
GSM Antenna Quad-band Internal
Mini USB 2.0 1 x USB device (Switch USB/UART)
Bluetooth Yes, with hands free kit capabilities
FM transmitter 1 (USB cable must be plugged )
GPS Receiver Sirf Atlas V (A-GPS on option)
GPS Antenna Internal
3D Accelerometer ±2g,±4g, ±8g
Power Supply
In-car charger Cigarette lighter plug 12-24v
Battery Li-Pol 1000 mAh
Flash extension MicroSD (not included)
Internal microphone Yes
Audio (loudspeaker) 0.5 Watt + Audio codec
Mounting options Suction mount or magnet
Operating Temperature -20°C/+60°C
Dimensions (mm) 100 x 63 x 14
How does it help? (illustration)
Fast screen reaction and switch between apps
Firmware update via GPRS from SSH server
Europe Map installed on-board
HD screen with split functions.
Screenshare avail. soon
Data communication by SMS/USSD/GPRS (TCP/UDP)
Hands free kit capabilities sound and music transfer
Retransmit sound, voice or music to the car stereo
OBD-II Dimentions
Certifications:    CE   FCC

Download the datasheet

Services and Markets

Munic is versatile connected driver assistant that can be rolled out to the consumer market or to the professional fleet sector. Its compact form factor, multitasking abilities and open development platform make it ideal for a range of services and vertical markets.
Here is a list of examples of services and markets Munic is particularly well suited for:

Car Pooling

Eco Driving

Radar Alerts
Lane assist
Lane Assist
local search
Local Search

Task Management
Messaging GeofenceGeofence





Morpheus Open Telematics Platform

Open framework gives you complete access.

Munic runs Morpheus3 OS, so you can directly access parameters such as accelerometer or GPS. The device also comes with pre set services such as navigation, tracking, task management, contact and more…. However using Morpheus3 SDK and its 3000 APIs you can easily tune and customize those services as well as to create your own !

Munic runs on the only
Open Telematics
Operating System :
Morpheus3 OS.
Tune Munic app set as well as look and feel
directly using 3000+ APIs
on Morpheus3 SDK.
Connect your service,
database or proxy on a
scalable server with
Access a catalogue of
services for Munic with our Application MarketPlace.

Morpheus Open Telematics Platform

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