Dreevo 5
The 5th generation Telematics Tablet
Dreevo 5
  • Ready for taxi or truck fleet tracking and management
  • Screenshare: 2 services active on screen
  • Smartcradle with I/O and accelerometer
  • Easy to fit solid mount with power supply
  • Car / truck navigation and routing options
Thin, light, rugged; the perfect in-cab tablet for your fleet customers

Fleet management is all about people, not just assets

Your solution needs to support complexity and adapt to ever-changing industry requirements whilst retaining simplicity and ease of use.

A Telematics Tablet gives you the brain power, usability and screen size of a tablet whilst enabling professional functionalities specific to the fleet environment.

The Telematics Tablet allows you to offer Hours of Service solutions, in addition to fulfiling other critical operators’ imperatives, such as vehicle inspection, navigation, messaging or dispatch.

Driver safety is your responsibility!

The tablet’s unique HMI keeps your drivers’ hands on the wheel by displaying two applications running side by side, such as task management and routing.

Customise the tablet’s applications to your needs: use the Morpheus 3 SDK to generate accurate, reliable and compliant driver and vehicle logs, or ask us for a list of third party developers who will quickly get your services up and running on the tablet.

The Telematics Tablet is unique because:

– It is OS-based, programmable and comes with a full SDK

– It supports true multi-tasking and can run two services on the screen at the same time

– It includes I/O and accelerometer in a solid SmartCradle

– BUT its price and reliability are on a par with telematics standards

Telematics Tablet

Spring contacts 10 pin connector

Telematics Tablet Smart Cradle

tamper-proof cradle

Plugged in to its SmartCradle, the tablet becomes a full scale telematics device

The SmartCradle option enables you to turn the tablet into an on-board fleet management on-board device, monitoring the vehicle and the driver’s behaviour. In one click, the tablet gets access to 2 RS232,
1 wire, and 2 more inputs giving you the flexibility to deploy any type of solution.

Full Technical Specifications

Download the datasheet

Processor Cortex A9 – 800 MHz (option up to 1.2 GHz)
RAM Ram DDR3 512 MBytes (up to 2 GBytes)
Flash 32 GBytes
Size 5’’ or 7’’
GPU Open GL 2.0 ES
Touch panel Capacitive
Resolution 800×480 (1024×600 optional)
Modem 3G US, 3G EU, 2G Quad Band
CDMA on demand: Aeris, Verizon, Sprint
GSM Antenna Quad-band Internal
Mini USB 1 USB device (Switch USB/UART)
Wi-Fi WiFi + WiFi direct optional
Bluetooth BT4.0 + 2.1 optional
GPS Sirf Atlas VI GPS (GLONASS optional)
GPS Antenna Internal
Cradle Specifications
External power supply 8 – 30 V
Connectors Spring contacts 10 pin connector
Microfit male 3mm, 10 pins with rugged connector
Accelerometer 1
Gyroscope 1
Magnetometer 1
One Wire 1
RS-232 Channels 2
RS-232 Baudrate 115200 bauds on 1st channel
9600 bauds on 2nd channel
RS-232 Channels 2
Digital Inputs / Output 1 Ignition Input (Active high : Dreevo 5 power control)
1 Input Active High
Wake Up sources Ignition sensing (voltage threshold)
Ignition signal
Digital Inputs
1-Wire data
Over the air programming Yes
Operating temperature -30°C / +70°C
Storage temperature -40°C / +85°C
Power Supply
In-car charger Cigarette lighter plug 12-24v
Battery 2600 mAh 5’’ – 3800 mAh 7’’
Certifications: CE  E4  FCC
How does it help? (illustration)
Fast screen reaction and switch between apps
Firmware update via GPRS from SSH server
Europe Map installed on-board
HD screen necessary for Screenshare
Great screen definition for safe UI
Data communication by SMS/USSD/GPRS (TCP/UDP)
Great sensitivity: -161dBm, 64 channels
Essential for driver scoring, vehicle monitoring…
Integrate peripherals such as BBX, RFID reader…
…Monitor door opening or plug a personal alarm button
Monitor temperature/ plug an ibutton (Dallas key)
OBD-II Dimentions
Services and Markets

The Telematics Tablet is a versatile screen based professional device that covers consumer/ driver services, professional applications and – with its SmartCradle- fleet management functions.

Here is a list of examples of services and markets the Telematics Tablet is particularly well suited for:

Car Pooling

Eco Driving

Radar Alerts

Fuel Consumption


Task Management
Messaging Driver Rating





Morpheus Open Telematics Platform

Open framework gives you complete access.
Deliver tailored solution and rapid time to market.

The Telematics Tablet runs Morpheus 3 OS, so you can directly access parameters such as accelerometer or GPS. The device also comes with pre set services such as navigation, tracking, task management, contact and such…. However using Morpheus 3 SDK and its 3000 APIs you can easily tune and customize those services as well as to create your own !

Morpheus OS The Telematics Tablet runs on the only
Open Telematics
Operating System :
Morpheus 3 OS.
Tune the Telematics Tablet
directly using 3000+ APIs
on Morpheus 3 SDK.
Cloud Connect Connect your service,
database or proxy on a
scalable server with
Access a catalogue of
services for the Telematics Tablet with our Application MarketPlace.
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