Morpheus3 SDK: The Best ToolKit for Programmable Tracking Devices

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The Most Complete SDK in Telematics

  • Large API library dedicated to telematics
  • Extensive community of users
  • One tool from conception to production
  • Full Telematics Emulator for Linux and Windows
  • Complete visual editor
  • Extensive examples list with code samples


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Direct access to your device and services

With Morpheus, the development of telematics applications has never been easier. Our customers’ experience is that developing a new service can take just 5 days! The SDK is part of a whole telematics framework with more than 2,700 API’s, open for programmers.

With its powerful tool chain and its integrated environment, Morpheus lets you manage the programming of new telematics applications on the go. Morpheus also comes with a set of free applications such as device administration, tracking, navigation, messaging and task management; all very easily customisable to your specific needs.

As a result, any third party application built on our platform can be ported very easily across the entire product range.

Mobile Devices Fleet SmartScreens range

” The minute you start working on our SKD you’ll realise that 75% of the job is already done for you “

Morpheus Developer


The New Version of Morpheus3 SDK contains even more compeling features

Morpheus SDK

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Tools to simplify installation and updates

In a nutshell

  • Morpheus3 SDK is the software development kit that enables you to tune and programme all the devices in our portfolio (smartboxes as well as screens)
  • Our SDK is a set of Eclipse plugins which needs to run on the Eclipse platform
  • Once in place you can test, change the settings or even reprogram your device
  • You can also create applications and update services running on those devices


Morpheus Update

In the race to ensure our SDK stays the most powerful in the industry, the SDK team at Mobile Devices is now offering a new way to install and use our Morpheus SDK (IDE). With Morpheus Update you can access our update server automatically to download the last version of Morpheus SDK. It works just like the Windows Update system, but for Eclipse

Now our partners and their developers can also choose the version of Eclipse they want to work on and easily install Morpheus3 SDK onto it. Morpheus3 will work on any version of Eclipse

Morpheus3 SD Pack

From March 2012 you will be able to work Morpheus3 even if you don’t have the Eclipse IDE.
Morpheus SD Pack allows you to start working from one single Zip file including a real Eclipse environment + all the Morpheus plugins stable what ever your platform. Mobile Devices can provide the SDK pack in Linux OR Windows and in 32 or 64 bits


Tools to simplify Apps creation:

Design Import

Simply design all the screens of your user interface on Photoshop and import them directly into the SDK

Translation tool

Morpheus doesn’t only translate your UI into several languages it sets the labels to fit in your original design!


Morpheus enables you to develop a full screen, a 1/3 and a 2/3 application layout. Switcher and shortcuts are already set up for you


Tools to simplify testing and validation

New Interface:

Developers now benefit from a completely redesigned development interface using MVC architecture (model/view/ controller). So you can test the device’s reactions with the emulation for drivers such as GPS, GSM-Internet access and serial inputs.

New VirtualMachine

The complete VirtualMachine lets you run the application on Linux exactly as if it was running on an ARM11 device. You now benefit from a fully graphical preview to quickly check your widget layout or adjust your style sheet instantly. While it does not guarantee that the rendering would be exactly the same, it is much faster than testing on the emulator.

Morpheus3 now supports x64 architectures on Linux (Windows coming soon)
More details on Morpheus3 Emulator here

Morpheus SDK GUI
Create your device’s user interface (click to enlarge)
Morpheus SDK java components
Tune the device’s embedded platform (click to enlarge)