C4 OBD2 Dongle

The first entirely programmable OBD2 solution

C4 OBD-II Dongle
  • Open framework for complete access
  • Great onboard processing capabilities
  • Excelent GPS reception inside the vehicle
  • Access third party OBD stacks
  • Perfect form factor for insurance services
  • Runs morpheus3 OS and SDK
  • Extensive library of APIs

Full Technical Specifications

Deliver fast responses to complex problems.

Whether for truck or car fleet management, driver monitoring or ecodriving, our C4 OBD2 solution is ready to fulfil your technical requirements. With its Arm 11 500Mhz chipset, it will run through the most challenging on-board processing demands. On top of that, it can include GPS positioning, GPRS connectivity, 3 axis Gyro and Accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity and an emergency battery.

Unbeatable GPS reception from inside the vehicle.
Deliver location precision from a plug-in solution.

With the C4 OBD2 Dongle, you get unparalleled location precision from inside the cockpit. With its updated SiRF AtlasV chipset, GPS Assistance technology (see below) and innovative internal antenna design, this is a powerful smartbox ready to send location data in less than 10 seconds.

Access third party OBD stacks
Deliver beyond-standard, relevant OBD data analyses

The C4 OBD2 Dongle supports a wide array of standard protocols from the starts. If the standard protocols are not adapted to suit your requirements you need extended EOBD stacks. To simplify access to the multitude of third party stacks, Mobile Devices has created a multi-source EOBD stack and an open market for third party providers.

CloudConnect helps you save data using A-GPS
by only sending the ephemerids differential

1 day 3 days 7 days
Full File Weight (kb) 11 31 71
Differential (kb) 9.1 14 24

Unique multisource OBD stacks

Thanks to Morpheus3 OS, service providers can open the device to third party OBD stack providers. This means that solutions, such as ecodriving or odometer can be implemented based on the instant consumption and absolute metering data from the OBD.

The third party stack providers get absolute IP protection (encapsulated communication protocol) and revenue generation based on a marketplace model.

OBD Stack

Full Technical Specifications

Processor ARM 11 – 500 MHz
RAM 64 MBytes ( ext to 128 MB )
NAND Flash 256 Mbytes ( ext to 2 GB )
Modem Quad-band GSM/GPRS
GSM Antenna Internal (Quad band)
GPS Receiver Sirf Atlas V (A-GPS on option)
GPS Antenna Internal
Interface & Telematics Features
3D Accelerometer ± 2g, ±4g, ±8g
3 axis Gyroscope On option
Mini USB 2.0 Host/Device/UART
RTC yes
LED 1 bicolor LED
Product Specific Features
CAN 2.0B interface yes
RS232 on option with IBD Cable
ECM* OBDII Protocols Supported:
SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2,
ISO 14230 KWP2000, ISO 15765 CAN
Power Supply
External 8-18V
External Voltage Measurement 8-18V
Li-ion battery & charger Option (900mAh)
Connector OBD2 connector
Operating Temperature – 25 / + 60°C
Dimensions (mm) 27 x 48 x 49.5
(*) With our unique MULTI-STACK technology, the OBD Dongle can be enhanced with support for extended PIDs, access to multiple ECUs such as cluster panels or extended access to CAN Bus…
Certifications: CE   FCC
How does it help? (illustrations and precisions)
Program the device to run on-board algorithms.
Firmware update via GPRS from SSH server
Data communication by SMS/USSD/GPRS (TCP/UDP)
AES-128 data encryption
Great sensitivity: -161dBm, 64 channels
Essential for driver scoring services as well as vehicle monitoring
±250°/s, ±500°/s, ±1000°/s, ±2000°/s
Powered (5V out, 500mA max.)
Access to engine revs, vehicle speed, diagnostic data… …
for idle engine alert, Speeding alerts, Tow detect alerts plus J1708 for US trucks.
The OBD powers itself from the vehicle.
OBD-II Dimentions

Download the datasheet

Services and Markets

C4 OBD2 Dongle: Monitoring and scoring first
Here is a list of examples of services and markets the C4 OBD2 Dongle is particularly well suited for:

Crash Detection

Driver Rating

Harsh Braking


Claim Handling



Waste collection






Morpheus Open Telematics Platform

Open framework gives you complete access.
Deliver tailored solution and rapid time to market.

The C4 OBD2 dongle runs Morpheus3 OS, so you can directly access parameters such as accelerometer or GPS. The device also comes without pre-embedded application and is entirely programmable using Morpheus3 SDK and its 3000 APIs !

The C4 OBD2 Dongle runs
the only Open Telematics
Operating System :
Morpheus3 OS.
Tune the C4 OBD2 Dongle
directly using 3000+ APIs
on Morpheus3 SDK.
Connect your service,
database or proxy on a
scalable server with
Access a catalogue of
services for the OBD2 Dongle
with our Application MarketPlace.

Morpheus Open Telematics Platform

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