Product News

Mobile Devices launches MUNIC, the Smart Driver Assistant multi service

Mobile Devices launches Munic, its latest connected driver assistant built on the Morpheus Operating System. With Munic, it unveils the first device to combine GPS navigation, Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit and danger zones alert service with an open platform supporting a marketplace of third party connected driver services.

Telematics Tablet Announcement

Introducing the new Telematics Tablet. With Cloud-based MarketPlace, ScreenShare interface, HD resolution and SmartCradle

C4 OBD2 Dongle a Global Success for Mobile Devices

Silencing the critics of the small and compact form factor, Mobile Devices has just deployed its first series of OBD2 dongle successfully in 4 countries over a range of vertical markets including mix fleet, leasing and private car Insurance as well through various insurance brokers and all in the space of just 12 months.

Federal mandate on electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs) to foster new drive for in-cab multitasking tablet

Forced by the new mandate to address the Hours of Service regulations, interstate commercial truck and bus carriers are turning to telematics to generate accurate, reliable and compliant driver and vehicle logs.

New MyLive Traffic service provides unique personal live guidance on PNDs

Mobile Devices has launched the MyLive Traffic service powered by NAVTEQ, which is now available for connected PND manufacturers and brands around the world. MyLive Traffic will completely transform what people can expect from their live traffic service: Instead of red lines on the map, the service ...

New Telematics OS and SDK signifies the advent of Smart Navigation

Launching at CES 2011, Morpheus3 Open Telematics OS and SDK enables PND manufacturers and developers to create in-vehicle devices and applications with a very smart user interface.

Mobile Devices Launches the First Open OS Based OBD Dongle + Display Unit for the Vehicle Insurance Industry

Mobile Devices brings the best of both worlds to the usage-based insurance sector with today’s announcement of the first open OS based OBDII Dongle + display solution – the C4E Dongle + Dreevo Lite series. Thanks to Mobile Devices’ open platform, integrators and insurance players can, for the first time, deploy a low-cost solution today and still be able to plug in affordable high-end services tomorrow.