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C4 Evo - No Compromise Made


Mobile Devices is proud to present its smallest and most competitive ever track & trace unit: the C4evo

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2 different casings available

New C4evo No Compromise Made

Our engineers designed the C4evo to be

  • the smallest track and trace unit,
  • with the highest performances & reliability
  • at the lowest price,
  • while keeping it ultra-flexible thanks to our powerful OS Morpheus

Mobile Devices’ solution has been the discerning factor in more than 400 successful bids over the last nine years, so here are 10 essential decisions we suggest you make with us to help you win the next one. Listen to our podcast here

First: Sourcing the device at the best price

The criteria affecting the cost of the device are: Memory size, processor speed, battery capacity, number of I/O – all paramount to the robustness of your solution!

With the new C4evo it’s all in!

The 5th generation in the family, the C4evo demonstrates once more how Mobile Devices brings to market track and trace black boxes at the most competitive prices without ever compromising on the performance.

This is how we do it:

  • In our 9 years of experience, we’ve never stopped focusing on R&D
  • We source our top quality components directly from the industry
  • We design our products and manage large scale industrialised manufacturing process

Don’t delay – your first test of the C4evo is just a few clicks away!

Talk to you soon,

Mobile Devices

tel: +33 1 42 11 93 25
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New C4evo No Compromise Made

Information on the C4 Evo

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