Dubai Technology leads the way for chauffeur driven fleets in UAE and India

Date From 2009
Country UAE- India
Size of the projects Thousands of units across numerous projects, more than 300 already deployed
Partner’s name Dubai Technologies
End customer’s names DP World, Avis, EuropCar, Prime Limousine (Budget), Car Zone Rental (Hertz)
Vertical Market Limousine, chauffeur driven cars
Technology used C4C + SDP4B and C4D+Dreevo Lite 4,3″
Whoa! Factor Their first taxi application was built in 1,5 month from the first day of training on the SDk to the first day of implementation.
Technological advantage The strength of DT is their backend mechanism to manage a booking request and dispatch it to the relevant vehicle thanks to the solid combination of BBX and smart screens in the vehicle
Dubai Technologies


In the Taxi industry nowadays, the big player who used to sell $ 1000-3003 high end terminals have more and more problems finding customers willing to pay such high price. With low end solutions using consumer electronics standard devices we can offer a good alternative to the existing market but also address emerging markets says Etienne Besnier, project leader from Mobile Devices.

A Dreevo III, for instance, is a cheap investment. It might look limited for real fleet management solutions however it has proved very successful in many vertical markets because on top of a regular Navigation system, customer can integrate a whole host of feature such as missions’ management.

Dubai Technologies is a prime example of what can be done with the range of Dreevo devices and its SDK. They used to work on CE and would have expected 3-5 months development time for every projects. Since choosing Mobile Devices, Their first taxi application took one and half month to create on Morpheus SDK from the beginning of the training to the service being rolled out.

Now, everytime they have a new requests from the customers to improve the service, they just uses the SDK and upload the updates over the air.

Dubai Technologies was able to provide a formidable array of feature to its customer using the flexibility of the Dreevo range to its fullest. The platform enabled them to successfully deploy a large number of projects in India and the Middle East based on the C4D blackbox combined with the Dreevo3 Lite smart screen. Recent deployments include:

– Truck tracking solution for DP World, the biggest container Port in the world
– Development and deployment of thousands of chauffeur driver car services in India and the UAE for all the key players in that market: Avis, EuropCar, Budget and Hertz
Unique benefits:

Dubai Technologies does never sell readymade solution. The flexibility of the Morpheus platform ensures that each solution is customized to the customer’s needs.

Their experience in the market has led them to provide business management services to their partners, not just tracking systems as they too often stop being used properly after a few weeks.

This is why Dubai Technology has long term relationships with their customers and get deeply involved in their business. In fact they often host the service on their own servers and guaranty the maintenance themselves.

Dubai Technologies limousine service

Similarly, the relationship with Mobile Devices is a long term one: Ali Moidu, COO at Dubai Technologies noted: “I can pick up any manufacturers from china and get a box, but I won’t be able to trust them. Like I expect my customers need to trust me, I really must be able to rely on my supplier’s ability to support me as well as provide me with consistency in the product line. This is why I have been working with Mobile Devices for so long now”.

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