mobileObjects’ new range of devices

C4evo integration

mobileObjects was founded in 2001, originally to transfer business data such as reports from ERP systems to mobile phones or notebooks connected to a WAP platform. They started to work more on telematics services with the advent of smartphones. Since 2004, they have delivered telematics software for a wide range of vertical markets: freight forwarders, courier services, engineer teams…

mobileObjects now covers a wide range of hardware; from the 7” Windows tablet to handheld professional devices to black boxes and consumer devices. Their software currently runs in 18,000 vehicles.

Recently, their range got one step smarter when they included the C4evo, a powerful but low-priced blackbox.

Talking to Karl-Heinz Kolle, CTO of mobileObjects AG, about the new product in their range, he explained that right now the C4evo is used for pure track and trace services. It is extremely fast to set up and its price makes it a very easy “switch” from consumer to pro devices for inexperienced fleets.

Consumer devices are a very important part of the company’s service range. They enable fleets to test telematics services for the first time and get started fast on “toys” that are already connected and available on the high street. Consumer tablets are especially useful for technicians with a variety of documents to handle.

mobileObjects considers this to be a step towards professional hardware. Tablets are often not appropriate for the in-cab environment. They can’t stand the temperature variation and vibrations and there are no cradles for them to be used in a truck. Also, tablets cannot be wired to the truck’s engine without additional hardware, which means that as soon as truck fleet managers realise the potential for fuel consumption and driver monitoring, they look for professional all-in-one mobile devices.

This is where the C4evo and the Dreevo range of screens come in. Their entry price is low enough as a first time investment but their ability to get integrated very fast, work reliably for years and get updated OTA to add new functionalities makes them a unique asset. For mobileObjects, the choice is simple, as Karl-Heinz said, “your SDK speaks for itself!”