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  • Go to market faster
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  • Access the Telematics Marketplace

Telematics Data and Services Access with CloudConnect

CloudConnect is a communication infrastructure made out of flexible and OPTIONAL elements:


1- MDi21 Communication Protocol (Telematics oriented protocol)

2- Communication Server (Route & Optimize communications with the devices)

3- Message Broker (Distribute & Route messages to agents in the cloud)

4- Distributed Database (Store & Access data in the Cloud)

5- Services & Agents (Extends devices abilities)

6- Server APIs (Interfaces with CloudConnect)

7- Device Management (for software update & Application Store)

CloudConnect answers the Telematics Content and Solution providers’ needs:


  • Extending the features of the device by creating hybrid functionalities
  • Accessing all the features and services provided by Morpheus OS and SDK
  • Enabling the quick deployment of Telematics services and solutions
  • Initiating the creation of a global MarketPlace
  • Optimize the device-platform communication link

At the same time, it is designed to be:

  • Always reliable with high availability rate
  • Effective & Scalable under heavy load
  • Bandwidth and protocol efficient
  • Cost effective
  • Secure
  • Easy to integrate with

Now is the time to switch to the Cloud!

  • Never integrate another communication protocol – ever!
  • Benefit from best-available data compression technology
  • Stay in control with remote admin & device management
  • Get OTA updating of the OS, applications + some modules
  • Access Morpheus’ ecosystem of 3rd party service providers
  • Accelerate app development with over 3000 dedicated APIs


Embedded and off board applications development, hardware calibration as well as device administration are all done through the SDK Third party content and services are easily integrated You have access to the raw or filtered data easily from CloudConnect and can access all your devices through the SDK Smart communication protocol handles all the services at once while restraining the bandwidth used All devices run on the same Operating System: Morpheus3 OS CloudConnect is your cloud-based communication server, API library for web services and your proxy / agents center Image Map

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Like switching from your own mail server to Gmail

Today, sending data to and from the devices provides no commercial value to your customers and remains a major headache for your developers.

Switching to CloudConnect means outsourcing the generic part of your Fleet management server. The one that deals with the Communication to/from the devices, pushes data real-time from and to the backend application and maybe stores data when needed.
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Best Practices evolve fast

With CloudConnect you get a wireless telematics protocol, a cloud-based communication server, an API library for web services and your proxy and agents (on demand)

Now you can deploy your solution or service extremely rapidly and at the same time put yourself at the core of an invaluable ecosystem of service and application providers working on the same open platform.

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Your optimized router for telematics connectivity


CloudConnect architecture


  • CloudConnect’s architecture is based on 3 key elements:

Multiple agents: Each agent is simple, while creating a feature rich&
evolutive global architecture, which is optimized, easily redundant, scalable
and Spawnable

Message broker (Middleware) distributes the messages to each agents.
It is shared and scalable amongst servers and self healing.
It allows for persistent or transient queues and load balancing.

Distributed noSQL storage: Performance & volume oriented allowing
for multiple insertion and high volume


3 ways to integrate your services to CloudConnect

  • 1- REST Web Services API:

CloudConnect architecture

The REST webservice API provides a simple interface for most CloudConnect features such as:

Tracking: get recorded datas of one (or a set of) connected assets or configure the tracking fields
Messaging: retrieve or send messages from/to the assets and configure the channels
Administration: Configure/monitor the assets, launch OTA Updates
Users: Manage CloudConnect users& permissions

Application Store:
Application repository: register your application, administrate/update available applications…
Application provisioning: monitor the application installed in the assets, manage the updates


  • 2- Live tracking:

CloudConnect architecture

Real time forwarding of tracking data from Devices to an external pre-configured URL via POST requests.
persistent connection (HTTP KeepAlive) enabled to reduce HTTP connection overhead.
request pipelining enabled to reduce HTTP latency.

Data Payload: The POST payload is a JSON Array of TrackingRecords as defined by the REST API v2 :

{"latitude": 48784615
"recordtime": "2009-04-10T13:18:59Z",
"unitid": 4,
"id": 1,
"value": "%B9q",
"longitude": 2375064}},
{"latitude": 48784615,
"recordtime": "2009-04-10T13:19:09Z",
"unitid": 10,
"id": 2,
"value": "T%FD%94%0FOfy%8F%01ku7%8E(",
"longitude": 2375064}},...]
  • 3- Web Hook:

CloudConnect architecture

HTTP Callback triggered when a service message is sent from an asset:

a request from the unit is encapsulated in an HTTP post request that is forwarded to configurable web server.
The answer from the web server is automatically transferred to the unit (low latency mechanism).

Every channel of the wireless telematics protocol can be forwarded separately using the admin API.

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Connect instantly and start saving


CloudConnect architecture

MDi21 wireless communication protocol gives you secure access to your devices while reducing data cost dramatically.
MDi21 is optimized to handle tracking data (from all sensor types) and to push or receive messages to generate services.


  • Data compression process (simplified):

MDi21 Protocol

Messages are sent through Channels using a single connection, each service uses one channel. As a result, the protocol uses the smallest amount of bandwidth and is resilient to low or dropping bandwidth.

MDi21 can switch between TCP (very safe but slow) and UDP (fast but less secure) intelligently to fasten communication while keeping important data secure.
This is also user-configurable by channel using a simple slider to tag data packets sensitivity.

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Widden your service offering


CloudConnect architecture

With Agents and Proxies you can easily add or change a third party content provider such as for routing or traffic.

  • Extensive range of proxies already available

– Assisted GPS
– Off Board routing
– Traffic
– Speed Camera
– Task Manager
– Local Search, fuel prices, weather etc…

Optimized wireless data bandwidth

– Optimization of the request
– Data consuming request are delegated on the server side
(compared to GPRS)

Added flexibility

– Cookie management
– Possibility to have multiple source for one service
– Reduce the need of device update (differential update…)


  • Services and Agents

Extend your devices capability with new smart and live services from 3rd party content or application sources on the go with CloudConnect Server Hybrid OS

– Each agent handles a dedicated task for easy development & maintenance
– Improve Speed, Scalability with spawnable agents
– Optimized, evolutive global architecture


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CloudConnect Proxis allow for complete freedom in choosing
and changing service providers. In this exemple traffic data.

Proxi and agents

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