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Build tracking or navigation services on the same platform

Mobile Devices delivers a complete environment for the resellers of connected location-based devices and services. We work with resellers and integrators to create end-to-end solutions for PND brands, insurance players, car manufacturers and fleet management service providers.

For example, we can build a complete solution to launch a connected PND, a smart screen or a blackbox on the market with your choice of services within the space of about 4 months.

This is possible because:

  • The core of our solution is built around an Open Telematics Operating System, which includes a dynamic navigation engine able to interact directly with the secondary applications.
  • Our SDK is used by a growing community of more than 2,300 developers. Its more than 3,000 APIs enable developers to create any type of telematics application – simply and quickly.
  • Our communication protocol is able to efficiently manage the data transfer to and from the devices, irrespective of their number or the variety of applications running concurrently
  • Our cloud-based communication server is rapidly scalable and can host a wide range of application proxy no matter how complex the content sources

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Solutions for both professional and consumer markets


For professional applications (including risk management):

We deliver best-in-class telematics hardware and connectivity solutions through a complete and proven set of tools:

  • Hardware devices such as the C4 micro black box and the C4 Dongle
  • Open Telematics OS and framework: MCT2.0 and, Morpheus3, based on a Linux kernel
  • Software library: Very extensive list of compatible professional telematics and location-based services
  • Powerful development tools: Based on Eclipse, the Morpheus SDK is designed to make it extremely easy and fast to develop new telematics applications with user-friendly tools
  • Administration: Production, deployment, and update tools
  • High performance and ultra-competitive communication and device management servers (with cloud computing technology) allow any third party to quickly develop and deploy on-demand telematics solutions

For consumer connected navigation services

Mobile Devices provides key benefits for resellers and manufacturers:

  • An Open Telematics Operating System enabling manufacturers to quickly deploy their connected PNDs with their own services integrated at very low cost.
  • A super-efficient communication protocol that enables complex and multi-layered applications on very small GPRS data plans.
  • Software library: Very extensive list of compatible professional telematics and location-based services
  • A cloud-based communication and application server that enables complex, low-cost and scalable multi-service provision.
  • Powerful software productivity tools: enabling resellers to integrate a wide variety of consumer applications on their device. The SDK comes with a simulator for super fast turnaround time.
  • Easy-to-use framework and libraries for navigation, re-routing, geofencing, speed camera alerts, parking space finder, fuel station price finder, Yellow Pages, Instant Messages, and many more.