Our History

Mobile Devices was founded in June 2002 by a team of engineers with more than 15 years’ experience in vehicle embedded electronics and software, including early telematics projects and proofs of concept since the mid-1990’s.

With nearly 250,000 units sold around the world running a wide array of fleet management and connected navigation applications, our company redefines the standards in telematics.

The leading players in the consumer navigation and fleet markets have selected to use our very complete and highly scalable range of products. In addition to the ultra tested and adaptable hardware, our product line comes with a powerful and fully configurable Open Telematics Operating System.

In turn, our partners can provide customised solutions to their clients thanks to Morpheus – our unparalleled development environment and tool set (SDK).

We now play a key role in developing new telematics markets, integrating with a variety of partners from mobile content providers, mobile operators, vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators to vertical integrators, web and software development companies.

Today, with more than 450 successful integration projects under our belt, we are recognised not only as one of the most innovative technology providers in the field of telematics and fleet management but also as a major worldwide manufacturer of ready-to-use connected devices for the consumer market.

Mobile Devices’ vision

At the start of our company’s growth was the realisation that the telematics market was held back by a plethora of devices all using proprietary firmware, making innovation in consumer and professional services very slow and costly.

We built a series of devices running on a single Operating System, allowing for flexible, fast and easy service integration as well as over-the-air updates.

Along with the first Open Telematics OS, we also understood that integrators, service providers and content publishers need a very easy way to integrate their applications into the device and into the end user’s fleet. For that reason, our SDK is one of the richest in the industry; with more than 3,000 APIs it allows any type of telematics player to build the solution best adapted to their needs.

Today, our vision goes much further. Now that the telematics devices run on an OS and their integrators and service providers benefit from an open SDK, we are building a MarketPlace for all driver and fleet service providers to post, sell or buy applications in the consumer LBS and commercial fleet management fields.