Mobile Devices and Squarell Partner to Provide Best-in-class CANbus Solution

FLEXThrough its Telematics MarketPlace, Mobile Devices’ customers can now opt in to the Squarell set of driver behaviour data such as Actual fuel used, Idling, Revving, Uneven speed pattern, PTO, Cruise control usage …and much more, straight from the C4evo Blackbox.

Squarell is proud to count Mobile Devices among its network of close partners. In conjunction with Mobile Devices OS, which allows for both a robust and simple integration, Squarell’s solution vastly simplifies the integration of advanced telematics data in professional fleets because it senses which vehicle it is in.

The Squarell device then reads the CANbus of the vehicles it knows without compromising its functions. It can also scan the CANbus of the vehicles it does not recognise.

As a result, CANbus data sets such as Engine Speed, Actual Fuel Used, Actual Engine Torque, Engine Temperature, Accelerator Pedal Position or Brake Switch can be collected from ANY commercial vehicles.

Telematics service providers can then tailor flexible integrated solutions that easily manage complex functionalities – whatever the park – simply by pulling the processed or the raw information from the CloudConnect infrastructure.

The service providers can also remotely upload firmware updates as well as threshold settings onto the Squarell device through the C4evo using Morpheus SDK.

Mervyn Blank, Business Development Manager at Squarell commented; “Knowing the MPG of your driver is just not enough, only if you know what the MPG is made off and why, can you work on improving it. This partnership opens up new markets and opportunities for advanced telematics service provider to foster long lasting fuel economy.”

The core technology allowing for this innovative solution is the Morpheus environment. It enables direct access to the Squarell device’s firmware, CANbus scanning function and threshold settings.

Clement Pantin, head of Product and Business Development at Mobile Devices added: “With Squarell joining the ranks of the specialists available on the Morpheus MarketPlace, our customers now have easy access to one of the most successful CANbus solutions company.”

About Mobile Devices:

With Morpheus3, Mobile Devices delivers the leading open telematics OS and its SDK together with a wide range of devices and solutions targeting both the consumer and fleet markets and enabling a marketplace for telematics services. Mobile Devices is also a leading provider of next generation connected navigation devices, smart displays, dongles and black boxes, all running Morpheus3 OS. For further information contact Thomas Hallauer, marketing director, email thomas(at)mobile-devices(dot)com or visit