Newsletter sept 2010

Welcome to our first newsletter

Mobile Devices is nearly 10 years old today and we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a little overview of the new developments taking place around us.
This is a first shot at giving you a glimpse of the speed at which we are growing and also how our offering is expending.
I hope you’ll find it interesting and look forward to your feedback.

Aaron Solomon



Coyote Nav2 best connected PND

Coyote Nav2, based on the Dreevo III, continues its rapid ascension, now ranking number 2 in the French connected PND market. And just to prove to everybody why, it has been elected the Top Connected PND by AutoPlus, a leading car-focused magazine that calls it “simply unchallenged for integration between navigation and speed alerts”.

Dreevo III and CloudConnect platform elected for new nationwide rollout

A new partnership will be announced shortly with another major European PND brand. The device will be a connected PND with a very impressive application catalogue: a revolutionary, personalised live traffic service, speed limit and speed radar info from Coyote, Yellow Pages local search, weather, a whole host of POI sources. It will be ready in time for a pre-Christmas launch.

New US driver profiling contract ready

We are about to announce the signature of a 60k-device deal with a global driver profiling provider using an exclusive version of the C4 as well the C4E Dongle with an integrated gyro.

New UK reseller ready to launch

All acceptance tests are now done and we are at the first ‘production ready’ deployment stage with a Top 5 UK MRM solution provider. The partnership will include distribution of the C4 and the Dreevo light together with the CloudConnect platform.

Dreevo series to enable MRM and consumer app flexibility in South Africa

We are about to announce massive deployments of the Dreevo and Dreevo Lite in the MRM markets. Standalone or connected to the right black box, the Dreevo series will enable tens of thousands of drivers to access taxi apps, dispatch, ambulances and all sorts of fleet management related applications.
The key difference is that the Mobile Devices environment enables the integrator to customise its new dispatch application within a few weeks.

5000 roll-out in the European truck sector

After two years of intense testing and multiple trials, we are also about to announce our biggest deployment in the truck industry. Europe’s fourth biggest logistics and trucking operator (8k trucks) will use the Dreevo M in 5,000 of its vehicles. The company will also use our framework (SDK) to develop the time management, task management and eco driving applications

Still leading in taco integration

Our expertise in connecting tachometers to a telematics system started in 2003, and we are delighted to see yet another successful deployment of truck-based FMS including taco data integration using the C4D with H4 connector as well as the C4R for 600 trucks and trailers.

Phase 2 pilot in the Spanish insurance sector

We just started deployment for one of the largest insurance companies in Spain (10k devices). Their offer to the user is scheduled to start in October this year. It will be a usage based insurance product, including crash detection and accelerometer-triggered Stolen Vehicle Alert.

Crash detection in East European insurance roll out

Finally, the first phase deployment of another 10K devices for a leading insurance company in Eastern Europe is now underway. The system will combine crash detection, harsh braking detection and FMS capabilities that will feed back into the insurance-specific application


New services available for connected navigation

Develop for the C4 or the Dreevo and you now get for free:


– GPS-based odometer
– geofencing
– remote administration (through SMS or server)


– navigation (fee is included in Dreevo price)
– messaging
– task manager
– configuration application


New C4E prototype arrived

Production is expected to start in September. The new specs are just being unveiled! Now more powerful with ARM11 chipset, 64 Mb Ram, 256 Mb Flash memory the mini will also pack a much more sensitive GPS chipset. It will be more than 50% smaller than the C4, include Fakra connectors, less i/o, a power cradle and will consume far less energy (especially on sleep mode)
All that, while managing to be even cheaper !

G8teway is now CloudConnect

Mobile Devices communication and service infrastructure for connected navigation and professional fleet services is moving to a cloud architecture: already 15k devices are connected. Complete switch expected January 2011.

New services available for connected navigation

New release of our navigation software: faster, smoother traffic information in beta release and suspend on flash now available in the MRM space (15 sec boot time)

Dongle coming in Q4

Redesign of the dongle finished: new ARM11, 64 Mb RAM, 256 Mb Flash and new mechanics. Ongoing development of the OBD low-level API and integration with major OBD library provider


The new patented technology that enables any independent application to share the same screen is in the final stage of development. Available for development in October

New API for the accelerometer

With the C4E, Mobile Devices will release new APIs for the accelerometer: jittering control, optimised sync with the GPS and crash detection feature. Available for development in October

Dreevo IV coming in Q4

An evolution of the Dreevo III with a cradle plus a lot more features is in the pipeline. It will be proposed in three screen size versions: 4.3, 5 and 7 inches, and with three connectivity modes: no connectivity, 2G and 3G. More on this very soon!

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