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In an Automotive industry that is undergoing huge changes, the best telematics options for OEMs happen to be OBD dongles

Integration of telematics by OEMs is more challenging than ever. It is the right time to review the different alternatives and identify the most relevant choices for OEMs.

Telecom standards are evolving faster than ever with 4G and its multiple categories, and the frequency bands and deployment schedules that differ per country. 5G, Wi-Fi evolutions, and associated technologies are going to make it even worse. Vehicle development cycles are getting more and more incompatible with first mount integration of telecommunication. The same goes for processors, memory, Bluetooth, and of course software platforms. To make it short, the big IoT revolution is boosting wireless technologies evolutions: we don’t count anymore in millions of units but in billions. The stakes are such that the innovation and technology changes are very likely to accelerate. Annual motor vehicles production is slowly growing but still below 100 million (~90 million vehicles per year in 2014), which means OEMs’ impact on the telecom technology evolutions and life cycle will decrease; they will have to adapt to even faster changes and more complex technologies. To solve this problem, OEMs tend to offer more and more Smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink), with a major risk of…

January 20, 2016 Aaron’s Blog

Partner News

EasyDrive 150

Rietveld partners with Mobile Devices to launch truck driver monitoring

Rietveld, famous for its EasyTrack fleet management platform, is launching EasyDrive to enable driving style analysis for fuel saving and CO2 emission control.

March 27, 2013 Partner News

Product News

Munic picture

Mobile Devices launches MUNIC, the Smart Driver Assistant multi service

Mobile Devices launches Munic, its latest connected driver assistant built on the Morpheus Operating System. With Munic, it unveils the first device to combine GPS navigation, Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit and danger zones alert service with an open platform supporting a marketplace of third party connected driver services.

December 7, 2012 Product News

Case Study


mobileObjects’ new range of devices

MobileObjects range got one step smarter recently as they included the C4evo

October 24, 2012 Case Studies


Mobile Devices invites you to CES

Mobile Devices will be hosting meetings with its partners and customers

December 20, 2011 Event News