Morpheus3 Open Telematics OS and SDK

Morpheus3 brings all-new features such as ScreenShare for real smart navigation

Morpheus OS and SDK

USB Cable End

Upgrading to Morpheus 3 OS and SDK is very easy, in fact, we have probably already done it OTA on your devices. If you would like more info on how to upgrade, contact us directly

New Features For Real Smart Navigation


Morpheus3 OS for telematics and in-car services represents a new dawn for integrators and developers building solutions for
the professional fleet and consumer navigation markets.


New Graphics Engine

The all-new graphics engine raises the look and feel of your PND to smartphone levels.
Faster screen transition, innovative UI, roll down menus… the new OS enables you to design the look and feel of your device and application set in line with your brand aspirations.

Graphic Engine Example

Dreevo III


This unique patented function enables 2 services of your choice to run in parallel on the same screen. The user can set the screen size for each application and toggle between them at will.

With Morpheus3, developers can build their service in 3 different sizes for 3 different screen sizes, all at once! And if you chose to switch from the Dreevo III 5″ to the Dreevo 4 7″, you won’t have to write another line of code.



Integral to the ScreenShare UI is the ability to set up
shortcuts to different applications in 2 clicks, so the user can instantly add a different service on the side of the navigation screen or chose to run 2 applications simultaneously.

True Multi-tasking

AppSwitch example

True multitasking

All the apps are on – all the time!
This is multitasking like you have never experienced it before. All the services run in parallel at all times. There is no delay between application switch and the live content you expect is there at your fingertips.


Application MarketPlace

This is not only a major step in making use of multiple applications safer when driving, it is also a massive opportunity for new content providers to get exposure directly on the side of the navigation screen. Without ScreenShare, an application store on navigation devices will simply not work.

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Dynamic Navigation Engine

Navigation is at the core of the Morpheus 3 OS. When building your service, it will automatically be linked to it. So whether it is parking or local search, the new Dynamic Navigation Engine will always be available to drive your customers to your content.



There is no firmware

Morpheus3 is an Open Telematics Operating System based on Linux, it is core to all our products. It allows developers to write Java code and control the device and the services directly via dedicated telematics APIs using the Morpheus3 SDK.
No firmware means updates in real-time, flexibility throughout the integration process and lower development costs.

More than 3,000 APIs are available today, including complete access to the navigation and graphics engine.

Morpheus is a driver focussed OS so you get true multitasking, ideal power modes and unparalleled reliability.

Ultra flexible, you can embed this OS into all sorts of devices from the top of the range PND to the basic black boxes

Bring the Telematics world the simplicity enjoyed by Consumer Electronics

Bring the simplicity enjoyed by the consumer electronics world into the telematics sector


Technical Features

Reliability above all else: A proven technology, a recovery system, 4 watchdogs
Power management: Modes and configurations to suit every customer
Memory management: Recording/emitting are independent and fully configurable
Safety: Java apps run on secured memory space to avoid system integrity violation
Administration tools: Many communication channels available, real-time diagnosis and configuration, local or remote updates …

With Morpheus3 OS you have a solution that:

  • Runs all applications simultaneously
  • Is service oriented: allows the execution of applications independently developed by third parties covering a variety of vertical markets (transportation, insurance & tolling, consumer applications, SVR, etc.)
  • Is designed for in-car specific requirements: power modes, vehicle interfaces, lowest cost communications, adapted HMI…
  • Guarantees the lowest cost: no “third party” costs besides the navigation engine
  • Features the latest processors (ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, PowerPC, Atom …)

With Morpheus3 you can:

  • Connect more devices faster
  • Integrate third party services easily
  • Create tailored application bundles and target the key TSPs



CloudConnect hosts together:

Binary two-way communication server
API database (for web service)
Your proxy and agents (on demand)

Gateway and servers that grow with you

CloudConnect is Mobile Devices’ cloud based communication and service provision infrastructure specifically built for the location-based services market. CloudConnect enables the exchange of information between devices on the road and service providers in a variety of ways along 3 major modes:

Mode Infrastructure Type Main Protocol Key Feature Example
Forward Web Hook HTTP Simplicity Local search, Weather
Pull Web Services REST Feature Rich, Data Analysis Tracking, bulk data Warehousing
Push Web Services XMPP RealTime Instant Status Update, Floating car data or tracking
Cloud Computing

Key benefits

Forward Mode: CloudConnect directly forwards requests from the device to the integrator’s servers, and then forwards the integrator’s answer back to the device

Pull Mode: Allows you to send, retrieve and filter data as well as configure CloudConnect behaviour and administer your device fleet

Push Mode: Provides the same features as Pull, but adds instant delivery of the requested data (instead of having to repeatedly ask the server)


Cloud Connect as part of the Telematics Infrastructure

Open Wireless Telematics Protocol

Wireless Communication Protocol

CloudConnect includes our communication protocol which filters and compresses the data flow to your device.

Our communication protocol is able to efficiently manage the data from and to the device, irrespective of the number of embedded applications.

The result is an ultra intelligent datapipe that allows you to benefit from a large pool of services without sending your communications costs through the roof.

How CloudConnect’s benefits your bottom line

CloudConnect has been designed to answer the growing need for both professional and consumer applications to access all the features and services provided by Mobile Devices’ Open Platform.

With CloudConnect, you can deploy your solution or service extremely rapidly and at the same time put yourself at the core of an invaluable ecosystem of service and application providers working on the same open platform.

CloudConnect enables you to:

  • Benefit from a wide set of advanced features such as two-way messaging or administration
  • Control and reduce your communications costs
  • Slash server hosting and maintenance costs
  • Increase the reliability of your infrastructure
  • Connect more devices faster
  • Integrate third party services easily
  • Create tailored application bundles and target the key TSPs


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