DETECTOR and Mobile Devices Power Major UBI Offering in Spain

DETECTOR, the leading stolen vehicle recovery and mobility services provider in Spain, and Mobile Devices, leading telematics hardware provider and creator of the Morpheus3 Open Telematics OS, have begun the rollout across Spain of a key player’s usage-based insurance service.

Paris, France (PRWEB) June 05, 2011

Drawing on DETECTOR’s expertise in mobility system integration as well as driving behaviour analysis and control, the service is based on four key sets of information: distance driven, routes, sharp acceleration and deceleration, and traffic violations.

In order to facilitate this project, Mobile Devices subjected its C4 blackbox to a battery of extremely stringent tests, including high-impact crashing. The C4 was also tuned specifically to consume less power.

DETECTOR connected its services to the CloudConnect server and, thanks to the Morpheus3 SDK, integrated its solution on the device within a week.

Javier Goikoetxea, Managing Director at DETECTOR commented “The flexibility of Morpheus3 SDK and CloudConnect communication protocols enabled us to integrate our service in a few days while insuring it was most efficient in terms of data costs. “

The system also offers the insurance companies high added-value services to enable them to manage the cost of claims and their own clients. Insurance companies are provided with all details about trip frequency and driver behaviour so that they can offer customised policies to each type of driver.

For crash detection and theft detection, the flexibility of Mobile Devices’ open platform played a key role in adapting the way the vehicle’s movement is used to trigger specific alarms.

Mobile Devices’ vice president of sales & marketing, Cyril Zeller, commented: “We are delighted to assist DETECTOR in its adventure into the telematics insurance market. The company’s innovative approach and long-term experience will undoubtedly ensure their success in the usage-based insurance market.”

Mobile Devices will be demonstrating its Morpheus3 OS and SDK at the forthcoming Telematics Detroit Show on 8-9 June in Novi, Michigan.


DETECTOR is the leading company in technology applied to mobility and security services and No.1 in tracking and recovering stolen vehicles using a system based on LoJack technology. DETECTOR focuses on solutions for the logistics, distribution, worldwide insurance, utilities and automotive industries. DETECTOR is the only company that combines several different technologies to offer services based on customer profile and needs. DETECTOR offers advanced mobility technology solutions based on telematics products such as pay-as-you-drive, a payment management system for use in different environments, and fleet management.


About Mobile Devices:

Mobile Devices is a leading provider of next generation connected navigation devices, smart displays, tablets, dongles and black boxes – all running the same Open Telematics Operating System: Morpheus3.

With Morpheus3, developers benefit from a powerful SDK to access the device settings, the applications running on the device as well as the communication gateway. In fact, Mobile Devices delivers a complete OS based open environment from which a telematics marketplace is now emerging. (