Ordina Belgium and MobileDevices join forces to deliver Vehicle-Centric LBS across the board

OrdinaICT service provider Ordina Belgium and telematics OS and hardware provider MobileDevices have teamed up to provide fast, customisable telematics solutions. With Ordina, MobileDevices customers now have access to a highly qualified competence centre to build their own solutions.

Based on the MobileDevices OS, hardware and communication gateway, Ordina Belgium can now offer fast integration solutions in a variety of vertical markets, including Driver Profiling, Fleet Management and Track & Trace but also in the consumer in-car LBS segment

The Vehicle-Centric LBS market is segmented into many niches, each with very specific needs for customised solutions. The partnership means any application can be developed and customised for a specific client or published for the industry at large through MobileDevices MarketPlace

“In many organisations, vehicles bite a sizeable chunk out of the operating budget,” says Johan Steppe, Solution Manager at Ordina Belgium. “The demand for telematics and mobile solutions is rising because they help limit costs and risks, leading to better services and competitive advantages”.

For example, insurance companies can offer a tailor-made motor insurance policy because the insured’s driving pattern is always transparent. A driver who never drives recklessly and always complies with the Highway Code could benefit from a cheaper policy. Vehicle rental and leasing companies can pass the actual cost on to the customer and get an accurate picture of the residual value of each vehicle.

“Integration with ERP or planning software considerably increases the value of the solutions”, adds Steppe. “Our expertise in SAP, advanced planning & scheduling, manufacturing execution systems, business intelligence and applications development enables Ordina to provide complete solutions for MRM.”

“Ordina Belgium is a dependable, professional partner in various complex implementations both in B2B and B2b projects,” says Clement Pantin, Director of B2B sales at MobileDevices. “Ordina Belgium’s rapidly expanding telematics competence centre enables us to help our customers faster with the design, integration and deployment processes, and we have demonstrated that capability through a high-profile driver profiling project, orchestrated by Ordina, for a major US insurance company.”

MobileDevices delivers a leading open telematics OS and its SDK for a wide range of devices and solutions targeting both the consumer and fleet markets and enabling a MarketPlace for Telematics services. MobileDevices is also a leading provider of next generation connected navigation devices, smart displays, dongles and black boxes, all running through a single open telematics OS and cloud-based gateway solution. (https://www.mobile-devices.com)

Ordina Belgium’s ambition is to be the proactive, strategic ICT partner of large and medium-sized companies and institutions. The company offers end-to-end solutions in consultancy, ICT and outsourcing. Starting from a solid business and process knowledge, Ordina Belgium facilitates innovation driven by technological expertise. (http://www.ordina.be)