Weather Telematics creates 40 million weather points in its first year

Paris, France (PRWEB) June 05, 2011

Weather Telematics uses mobile assets to carry sensors along major Interstates throughout the US, pulling readings every ten seconds. This means that weather data is pulled, on average, every 300 metres or 10 seconds at 60 MPH.

The sensors read road surface temperature, humidity, ambient, dew point (calculated), precipitation, light intensity, ozone (for the environment protection agency) and barometric pressure.

This technique means that weather elements such as fog, terrain-related, stagnating air or valley phenomena, which are usually not represented, now get picked up to create a more accurate picture and forecast of the weather conditions.

Weather Telematics’ key competitive advantage is its ability to provide exceptionally granular weather data. The service is unique and innovative in many ways – technically, geographically by its coverage, and by the sheer amount of data collected.

Mobile Devices’ vice president of sales & marketing, Cyril Zeller, commented: “This project is unlike any other. The C4 is at the centre of a system that picks up weather data, processes it on-board then feeds it back in real-time to the driver, the fleet manager and the weather stations.”

The trucks carrying the sensor system also benefit directly from live information from sensors underneath the truck that detect the formation of black ice.

Weather Telematics provides the sensor box, and the National Weather Service approved the proprietary solution to interpret the collected data, which is distributed in three ways:

  • The US governmental agencies (National Weather Service)
  • Consumer services: branded weather services
  • Fleet management systems: for temperature-sensitive goods, the weather management capability enables route calculation depending on the weather. Weather alerts can also be used to re-route long haul transporters

Bob Moran, CEO of Weather Telematics, comments on the partnership with Mobile Devices: “Mobile Devices allows Weather Telematics to actually do telematics work. Its open architecture let us create and update our application directly on the box.”

Beyond the initial 1,500-unit rollout of its unique mobile weather platform, Weather Telematics projects that its surface climate network will expand to include an additional 10,000 units within the next two years.

In the long-term, the trucks carrying sensor boxes have the potential to become sentinels that can save lives by helping to reduce weather-related incidents and delays. By adding radiation sensors to the system, they could also monitor the air for chemical attack.

Mobile Devices will be demonstrating the C4 range of Blackboxes and the Morpheus3 OS and SDK at the forthcoming Telematics Detroit Show on 8-9 June in Novi, Michigan.

About Weather Telematics:
Weather Telematics’ core competency is transforming data collected from sensors aboard buses and vehicles into meaningful and relevant information for our customers – something we call MOBILE INTELLIGENCE. By integrating sensing systems and installing them on appropriate mobile platforms we create a whole new type of observation and surveillance network capable of addressing some of society’s most difficult challenges. (

About Mobile Devices:
Mobile Devices is a leading provider of next generation connected navigation devices, smart displays, tablets, dongles and black boxes – all running the same Open Telematics Operating System: Morpheus3.
With Morpheus3, developers benefit from a powerful SDK to access the device settings, the applications running on the device as well as the communication gateway. In fact, Mobile Devices delivers a complete OS based open environment from which a telematics marketplace is now emerging. (