Mobile Devices Launches the First Open OS Based OBD Dongle + Display Unit for the Vehicle Insurance Industry

Mobile Devices brings the best of both worlds to the usage-based insurance sector with today’s announcement of the first on-board open OS based OBD Dongle + display solution – the C4 OBD Dongle + Dreevo Lite series.

Thanks to Mobile Devices’ open platform, integrators and insurance players can, for the first time, deploy a low-cost solution today and still be able to plug in affordable high-end services tomorrow.

The C4 OBD Dongle runs Mobile Devices’ Open Telematics OS, which comes with the Morpheus SDK. Morpheus’ 3000 APIs enable extremely fast development and integration of any services onto the dongle and the smart display. This is crucial for insurance companies wanting to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy services such as driver profiling, behaviour scoring, crash detection or even roadside assistance based on a telematics smartbox.

To date, the complexity of the business case for insurance telematics has forced most players to seek low-end solutions in order to limit the initial entry cost, resulting in limitations in the quality and span of services.

Most fleet management service providers face challenges in terms of customers’ dispatch applications. Critical for fleet owners is the need to directly assist and dispatch drivers, manage his routes and tasks as well as send and receive messages. Those needs can now be addressed by an insurance telematics-based solution.

Mobile Devices’ solution goes one step further. Once in place, the solution can be upgraded to include extra services, such as live traffic or speed camera warning, without the need for a new data plan.

In the private vehicle sector, as live scoring on the dashboard becomes a reality, the solution can have a real influence on driver behaviour.

Cyril Zeller, VP Sales & Marketing, commented: “The Dreevo range opens up a brand new world of opportunities. Insurers can now integrate their customer MRM applications quickly and cheaply, and add value services onto it immediately.”

Rick Applegate, Director of Engineering at Transportation Technology Sales, a nationally accredited reseller of the solution, added: “With this solution, insurance players can get the low cost of the OBD dongle and add tailored services to it. Thanks to TTS, the initial installation of the OBD dongle is easy and straightforward.”

The solution has already been picked up a major player in the US, and further announcements will follow shortly.