Federal mandate on electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs) to foster new drive for in-cab multitasking tablet

Forced by the new mandate to address the Hours of Service regulations, interstate commercial truck and bus carriers  are turning to telematics to generate accurate, reliable and compliant driver and vehicle logs.

Responding to one of the US transportation industry’s biggest challenges, Mobile Devices will unveil the first Telematics Tablet in Detroit next week.

Fleet management is no longer simply about vehicles and the fleet; it’s also about the drivers.  The Telematics Tablet addresses the driver’s needs such as navigation, traffic information or speed alerts as well as the critical imperatives of the fleet operators such as driver logs, vehicle inspection, messaging or dispatch.

Mobile Devices’ Telematics Tablet is fully programmable, and comes with a rich SDK that enables developers to create the various customized services and applications in High Definition.

Thanks to the Morpheus3 unique Operating System, the tablet can display two concurrently running applications on the screen at the same time, for example: truck-specific navigation and routing.

Featuring a GPS receiver and an optional wireless communication modem, and with the availability of a smart cradle that features  multiple I/Os and 3D accelerometers  the tablet is well suited to address any challenging MRM application.

With price and reliability in line with telematics standards, the 7” Tablet has the power to become the central communications hub to back-office applications, enabling a full suite of customized applications that include Navigation, Driver Logs, driver login, vehicle inspection or other complex services simultaneously running on the device.

You can experience the first Telematics Tablet at the forthcoming Telematics Detroit Show in Novi, Michigan on June 8-9.