Mobile Devices launches MUNIC, the Smart Driver Assistant multi service

Munic pictureMobile Devices, the revolutionary end-to-end connected navigation solution provider and one of the central player of the French telematics ecosystem launches Munic, its latest connected driver assistant built on the Morpheus Operating System

With Munic, the serial innovator unveils the first device to combine GPS navigation, Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit, danger zones alert service with an open platform supporting a marketplace of third party connected driver services.


Munic fills the current gap in creativity and innovation with the uniquely successful and efficient integration of 3 core functions:

–          Danger Zone warning in markets where it is available. In France the “permanent danger” and “temporary risk” zone alerts are powered by the 800.000 strong Avertinoo community. The function is integrated into the navigation engine thus improving alerts performance and accuracy.

–          A Bluetooth® Kit with integrated FM emitter offering maximum user comfort when calling or receiving calls as well as the ability to listen to music tracks from a smartphone through the car stereo.

–          Hybrid Navigation with live traffic updates tailored to your journey. Worthy of the best GPS navigation products, it combines detailed embedded Navteq maps for Western Europe with high-end navigation features. Munic comes with voice guidance (French or English), route-based traffic information and rerouting as well as Lane Assist to indicate lane changes on motorways and roundabouts.


Munic is being launched as a refreshingly innovating step in a spiritless market:

Largely forgotten by its leaders, the driver assistants have recently suffered from a lack of innovation. Aaron Solomon, Mobile Devices’ CEO is unequivocal on the reasons behind the vegetative state of the market: “Sales of single-use devices are naturally shrinking because their perceived value is not convincing enough. For an in-car device to provide a suitable range of driver services safely, it requires a telematics Operating System.”

For 10 years, Mobile Devices has developed and deployed Morpheus OS, a car-centric service platform used on all its professional driver assistants. Today Morpheus OS is used around the world by truck, taxi or ambulance drivers.

Morpheus is a unique OS, comparable to a smartphone’s but totally rethought and optimised for the automotive sector. With Morpheus OS, every app is perfectly integrated with the device’s other core functions. It enables Munic to propose a scalable smart service portfolio with a twist:

The Yellow Pages search is integrated to the navigation with a route-to-result capability integrated with the live traffic service. Similarly fuel stations are not only on the map, they are searchable and price information is available per station.

To pack all those features into one, small device, MUNIC’s creative team invented a new concept: the Smart Driver Assistant.

The Munic’s design integrates the 3 core functions and the Marketplace beautifully thanks to a refined and intuitive interface designed with the driver in mind.

As a result the form factor is compact and light, the cradle is replaced with a dashboard magnet, the navigation screen is uncluttered and the driver can use 5 physical buttons to call up key features instantly.

The device is now available for the French market on or at Norauto for €249 with 3 months free subscription. After this period, the whole service package is €5.99pm; considerably cheaper than anything else available in France right now.


About Mobile Devices: With Morpheus3, Mobile Devices delivers the leading telematics OS and its SDK together with a wide range of devices and solutions targeting both the consumer and fleet markets and enabling a marketplace for telematics services. Mobile Devices is also a leading provider of next generation connected navigation devices, smart displays, dongles and black boxes, all running Morpheus3 OS. For further information contact Thomas Hallauer, marketing director, email or visit