New MyLive Traffic service provides unique personal live guidance on PNDs

Mobile Devices has launched the MyLive Traffic service powered by NAVTEQ, which is now available for connected PND manufacturers and brands around the world.

MyLive Traffic will completely transform what people can expect from their live traffic service:

Instead of red lines on the map, the service calculates the optimum route using live and pattern-based information on how traffic conditions will affect it. The suggested route is then sent to the driver within 7 seconds.

During the trip, MyLive Traffic detects any incident on the route and, if necessary, sends an alert to the driver along with an alternative itinerary.

Cyril Zeller, vice president of sales & marketing at Mobile Devices, commented: “With the launch of MyLive Traffic, any connected PND running Mobile Devices’ open platform can now access personal, live traffic-based routing and alerts. We expect major league PND brands to take advantage of our solution very shortly.”

“Quality real time traffic information is in high demand by consumers,” commented Bruno Bourguet, NAVTEQ’s senior vice president of sales, EMEA. “We are delighted that Mobile Devices is leveraging the capabilities of connected PNDs to fully take advantage of NAVTEQ Traffic™ for France. In doing so, Mobile Devices has been able to develop a groundbreaking new live service offering many advantages to consumers.”

MyLive Traffic is available today on the French market with live plus statistical data based routing, push event notification on cached routes and personal alerts with ETA recalculation.

MyLive Traffic runs on CloudConnect, Mobile Devices’ cloud-based service architecture. This means that any existing or forthcoming devices set on Mobile Device’s platform will be able to access MyLive Traffic as well as an increasing range of other driver-focused applications through Mobile Devices’ MarketPlace.

MyLive Traffic is available today on the Coyote Nav2 and the Mappy Ulti 590.

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NAVTEQ is a trademark in the US and other countries.