New Telematics OS and SDK signifies the advent of Smart Navigation

Launching at CES 2011, Morpheus3 Open Telematics OS and SDK enables PND manufacturers and developers to create in-vehicle devices and applications with a very smart user interface.

The Morpheus environment with its SDK containing more than 3000 APIs in Java  (330 different classes) is behind the customisation and integration of a huge variety of consumer location based services as well as fleet-focused applications. These range from routing and speed trap alerts to traffic info integrated into the navigation screen, task management and more complex driver scoring applications.

Today, with its latest update, Morpheus3 brings to the developers a new graphics engine that not only raises the look and feel of a PND to smartphone level but also enables key features never before seen in this market.

The unique technology of Morpheus3 enables ScreenShare functionality, allowing developers to create their services in three different resolutions: full screen, main app (two-thirds of the screen), or companion app (one-third). This is a major innovation since windowing systems only allow for resizing / stretching the windows and the widget systems only allow for fixed panel-based size.

Users will also be able to set up shortcuts on the navigation screen to enable one-click activation of a service while driving.

Julien Zarka, head of software development at Mobile Devices, commented: “We really are providing a unique solution that solves a huge issue in the car: smartly displaying two applications that run concurrently. No other open OS environment can provide such a safe way to interact with a device in the car.”

Furthermore, developers using Morpheus3 SDK will automatically be building services that integrate with other apps in the Catalogue. So when a user clicks on the result of a Yellow Page search, it will automatically link to Navigation using the off-board routing, which includes traffic info.

MobileDevices delivers a leading open telematics OS and its SDK for a wide range of devices and solutions targeting both the consumer and fleet markets and enabling a MarketPlace for Telematics services. MobileDevices is also a leading provider of next generation connected navigation devices, smart displays, dongles and black boxes, all running through a single open telematics OS and cloud-based gateway solution. (