Product Obsolescence notice

Product Obsolescence notice

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Mobile Devices – C4 OBD-II Dongle Solution

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The C4 OBD2 Dongle is the perfect self-install solution for usage based insurance services but also eco driving, fleet management or driver rating.

Go to market in record time with C4 OBD2 Dongle already successfully deployed globally in thousands of units with services such as:

Crash severity notification Speeding, harsh breaking alerts and driver rating Claim handling

Uniquely, the C4 OBD2 Dongle also lets you securely use your own OBD stacks on top of the already supported standard protocols

Want to know more? Request a trial today! We’ll assess your needs and get you rolling in no time!

All the best and talk to you soon! Thomas

✓ Assisted GPS, GPRS

✓ Access standard PID with 5 protocolsextendable to any vehicle data incl. CAN bus interface

✓ Ultra precise Accelerometer & Gyro

✓ 500 Mhz ARM11 CPU

✓ Programmable with full SDK

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Insurance Telematics, May 9-10 London, UK

CTIA Wireless, May 8-10, New Orleans, LA

Telematics Detroit, June 6-7, Novi, MI…

Mobile Devices Newsletter 2011

Welcome to our 2011 newsletter edition


Mobile Devices is nearly 10 years old today and we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a little overview of the new developments taking place around us. This is a first shot at giving you a glimpse of the speed at which we are growing and also how our offering is expending. I hope you’ll find it interesting and look forward to your feedback. Aaron Solomon


Coyote Nav V2 launch in Belgium

Coyote Nav2, based on the Dreevo III, continues its rapid ascension, now ranking number 2 in the French connected PND market. And just to prove to everybody why, it has been elected the Top Connected PND by AutoPlus, a leading car-focused magazine that calls it “simply unchallenged for integration between navigation and speed alerts”.


Telematics Tablet with ScreenShare and smart cradle

ScreenShare UI means 2 apps on screen RAM mount or Smart Cradle Ruggedized connector Wifi, 3G, Camera, barcode reader on option


G8teway is now CloudConnect

Mobile Devices communication and service infrastructure for connected navigation and professional fleet services is moving to a cloud architecture: already 15k devices are connected. Complete switch expected …