Product Obsolescence notice

Dear partner,

It’s the time of the year when all of us are doing our little Spring Cleaning so right on time with the daffodils, here is the list of products that are now obsolete due to their aging components (GSM module, GPS module, memories, microcontroller…) and the lack of stock that follows.

We’re afraid to say that after June the 1st, we can no longer provide diagnosis and repair on

– The T3 Series

  • T3DL
  • T3DFXS
  • T3DE6
  • T3DEC2

– The C4 Series

  • C4 R/ C4C

– The Smart Display Series

  • M4
  • Dreevo2
  • Dreevo2 Lite

– The H4

By the way, we would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that since March 1st 2012 we can’t provide anymore maintenance on

  • The T2 Series
  • In the T3 Series, the T3L/ T3FXS/ T3E6/ T3EC2/ T3BL/ T3BFXS/ T3BE6/ T3BEC2/ T3CL/ T3CFXS/ T3CEC2
  • In the C4 series: the C4B
  • In the Smart display series: the SDP4/SDP4B and the Dreevo1

Please do not send us anymore repair requests for the above devices after their obsolescence date. We will have to ship them back to you and charge you for the shipping cost.

Finally, we would also like to draw your attention on the forthcoming obsolescence of some key components in the C4D, Dreevo3 and Dreevo3 Lite devices later this year. For these products we may not be able to process technical revisions and repair if they are out of warranty.

If they are still under warranty some repair will be subject to part availability and we may offer you an exchange option instead.

At Mobile Devices we always strive to serve you the best we can and ensure delays are kept to a minimum. We value our partnership with you enormously and are always ready to discuss your changing requirements.

If some of the devices mentioned above are part of your offering, make sure you get in contact with your account manager at Mobile Devices, we will be delighted to show you how our new generation products can fulfil your needs. As an illustration here is an equivalence table between old devices and new products.

T3 type L C4evo
T3 Type FXS C4 Max
T3 type EC2 Dreevo 4 (5 & 7 inches)
C4 C4evo
Smart Display Dreevo 4 Lite (5 & 7 inches)
Dreevo Dreevo 4 (5 & 7 inches)
M4 Dreevo 4 (5 & 7 inches)
C4R C4evo/C4 max

Note that it is not exhaustive and functionalities will need to be checked

All the best,

The Mobile Devices Service Team